Street Art – Political or Beautifying

Argentina, International, Panamerican, South America

Within the first days of wandering the streets of San Telmo it was clear street art was everywhere; Argentina has a long history of graffiti, growing and evolving with the ups and downs of the country. Stemming from a form of public expression, statements vary from political, personal, emotional but always intended to be a form of communication. Emotions evident through colors, images and even the locations to which they cover. We were excited to come across Graffitimundo, a tour operator that collaborates with various artists to display their work, provide exposure and educate people about street art and it’s contribution to the culture. The non-profit runs an art gallery in Palermo and offers daily tours in the North and South regions of Buenos Aires. We definitely recommend the tour and even suggest taking both to compare the artists and perspectives.

One of the greatest characteristics about street art is that it is always changing; as the days and weeks pass, life’s elements take effect and the original work settles into the landscape like it was meant to be there. The scribbles and color that shape the walls range from simple to ornate but as someone peering into the culture it contributes to the senses and awareness takes note of the ever evolving stories around you. Graffiti comes with such a connotation and depending on your associations appreciation can vary greatly.  We are great admirers of art in all forms and would consider Buenos Aires to be a living gallery full of color that reaches all five senses.

We have laughed at the number of times The Simpsons have been on TV or even referenced in displays of modern art so below are a few shots from a collaboration wall of “Homer”. Artists band together tightly so when there is a meeting of imagination, great things can happen.