Life is full of wonder….

Dakar 2016 Chaos!

Researching our trip we came across the Ramblewriters, that caught the 2010 Dakar; realizing in Mendoza that we may cross paths with the 2016 rally in Jujuy it was decided we'd make the effort to catch a stage. After a disappointing trip to Colome Winery we spent New Years Eve in Cachi.  A quaint, local town with a beautiful cemetery and plaza where ...
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Hermes – Auxiliary Battery Install

Hermes - Auxiliary Battery When we decided to go with a pickup truck vs a Sportsmobile for our overlander we knew we had to determine how to run auxiliary power to the bed of truck to sustain a refrigerator, light and inverter without risking the main battery power. After a little research (youtube and 4x4 forums) I determined the best combination that ...
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La Boca Port

The Long Road – Making Friends with Customs

Throughout the planning stages of this adventure we struggled over whether shipping a vehicle to Argentina was the best idea or not. We had obvious concerns about cost and clearing our vehicle through Argentine customs but never worried about issues on the US side. [side note: we did consider Uruguay but then our agent told us we couldn't ship there ...
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Tango Street Art

Street Art – Political or Beautifying

Within the first days of wandering the streets of San Telmo it was clear street art was everywhere; Argentina has a long history of graffiti, growing and evolving with the ups and downs of the country. Stemming from a form of public expression, statements vary from political, personal, emotional but always intended to be a form of communication. Emotions evident ...
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Fun Times in BA

El Zanjon de Granados - ($15US) The city of Buenos Aires was first settled in 1536 between two water run-off ravines which naturally marked city boundaries.  The Zanjon de Granados is claimed to be the site of the first settlement of Buenos Aires and uniquely displays the underground waterways as they were constructed.  Now considered the most important archaeological site in BA, the museum describes ...
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Blue Market Dollars

The history of Argentina spans highs of great fortune, turbulent political climates and severe economic conditions before leading to a democracy in the 80s which still struggles with the economy. Even the government is providing a skewed look at the stabilization of the current market. Back in  2001, just to give an idea of how hard this economy fell and the challenges people have had to overcome, literally ...
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When Dogs Fly

Undertaking an adventure of this magnitude is incredibly exciting but overwhelming and adding a four-legged friend definitely adds a layer of logistics and complication. Feeling somewhat reassured that others have successfully completed the journey and knowing there are resources available does help ease the concerns of figuring out what to do.  That said, finding what documentation you need is only the first of ...
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Houston Shipping

Houston We Have A Problem !

 Let me begin by saying that shipping a vehicle overseas can be a logistical nightmare; there are so many pieces to the puzzle it will make your head spin. I'll give it a whirl to see if I can make it clear enough to make sense of it all. Private shippers, meaning those who do not have a license with ...
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Houston to Buenos Aires

The Search for an Overlander

The search for the right overlander is important because it is going to be your 'home' for an extended period of time. Your 'home' needs to be reliable, safe and of course rugged enough to get you where you want to go. Some will suggest that when traveling international you should be inconspicuous, try not to bring attention to yourself. However, ...
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Its the Final Countdown

The Final Count Down

Putting our own twist on the Tiny House movement and keeping the mantra travel more (Moore) at the forefront, we have been consolidating, donating and generally paring down all our possessions since we rented and moved out of our house June 1st.  That being said, the final four days consisted of giving our Volvo to Flight Car, leaving the truck with a shipping ...
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Uptown Houston Sunset

North-side Gaucho – Houston

We did reach Houston safely and as expected. Without a speed bump or two what would this be?  TOO EASY and not us!  I mean to be honest, in the preceding months our must do logistics came together so easily and quickly that the train was on the track and rolling before we were ready or willing to do anything about it ...
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We are not just nuts

Buenos Viajes

Here we go, this is it, ready or not... That last hug and the final good-byes make it feel a little more real than surreal; we pulled away and both sighed over the gravity of this adventure that has finally come to fruition.  The first leg of our trip involves the final prep logistics of getting the truck shipped and ...
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